Art of Tea Fresh Teas Shirt Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Earl Grey, Iron Goddess of Mercy, and Genmaicha.

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Tea is harvested by hand.
History of Tea span Thousands of Years. 
Let This Ancient Wisdom of Tea merchant 
guide you in steeping the best Cup of Tea 
for You and your Guest.
This Shirt will take Your Art of Tea
to new Bright and Refreshing Aroma. 
Drink More Tea. All the best. 

Super Soft Old Fashion Silk Screen. 

It will be your favorite Tee.
I guaran_tee it!!!
T-shirts in all sizes from (6-8) Youth up to 4 XL!!!
Enjoy and Dazzle your friends. 
All the Best

Blend, Ring-spun cotton
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would 
like to have custom  shirt made just for you.

Original Copyrighted Artwork by Viga ©. 
We actually design, draw, illustrate and screen print our Shirt and Pillows.
Fashion, Premium Quality Shirts and Heavy Canvas Pillows with Inserts.

Ready Made Gifts Hand Packaged for Unique Gift Giving Experience.  
Great Quality Material, fitting the Hand Made process. 
You are buying directly from the Artisan. 
Support Creative Ideas hand made by Viga and Victor.

Blend, Ring-spun cotton

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