Mikolaj Kopernik - Nicolaus Copernicus Polish Astronomer who Stopped the Earth and Moved the Sun.

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The most famous work of Copernicus is "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium"
("On the revolutions of the heavenly spheres"), which was published in 1543.
In it he presented the theory of the heliocentric structure of the solar system,
which destroys the existing views.

According to Copernicus,
it is the Earth and other planets that revolve around the Sun,
and not the Sun and planets around the Earth,
as the medieval model explaining the structure of the world proclaimed.

Copernicus was not only an astronomer,
but a true "Renaissance man"
who was a mathematician, doctor, lawyer, economist,
and worked successfully on translating literature.

Although the Copernicus theory was initially not welcomed,
it influenced the way we look at the place of our planet
and man in the universe.
His work initiated the the Copernican revolution,
especially in the exact sciences.

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