Music Posters (No Frame) Set of 2 Pick Your Favorite 2. Gift Packaging Tuba Included. Let Us Know In message Your Choice Of Posters.

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Music Posters Set of 2 Pick you Favorite 2 Posters. Look through all the options and let us know which 2 are your favorite. Quite Large Poster 18 inches by 24 inches. See the Size comparison with Liam Holding 18x24 Poster. 

Frames are not included. You can pick up a 18x24 poster frames anywhere. We actually like a Command Poster Strips with Adhesive 12 White (Google it) under $3 bucks for hanging 6 posters. The Poster Paper we use is very sturdy. This is museum quality poster paper. We are Artists we stand behind our work.
Did I mention fabulous Gift Tuba.

WE are giving you two posters. You can keep one for yourself and give one away to your favorite musician or Musician to be. Go with Music! Cheers. VigaVictor your Music and Art Hosts. All the best.
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Pick 2 Posters from the List
and let us know in the Message
which ones are Your Favorite.
You can use Numbers (1-9) if you like for your Choices. 

1. Piano with Keyboard Frame
2. Piano with Blue Sky
3. Music Alphabet
4. Hand Music Groups
5. Strings
6. Brass
7. Woodwinds
8. Percussion
9. Octave 

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