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Gifts for Chess Players and Aficionados 

Famous Chess Openings
Sicilian-Defense Najdorf Variation  

The Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian Defense is highly effective Chess Opening
It has been called the Rolls Royce of Chess Openings. 
Miguel Najdorf (Mieczysław Najdorf)

Miguel Najdorf was a Polish-Argentinian chess grandmaster.
Originally from Poland, he was in Argentina when
World War II began in 1939, and he stayed and settled there.
He was a leading world player in the 1940s and 1950s

We also hope to Make clear that a Mighty Chess Piece is always Recognized
as a Knight Not a Horse. Keep Playing Chess. All the Best. 

Vintage Grey or Black Shirts in Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve

Super Soft Old Fashion Silk Screen. It will be your favorite Tee.
I guaran_tee it!!!
T-shirts in all sizes from (6-8) Youth up to 4 XL!!!
Enjoy and Dazzle your friends.
All the Best

Blend, Ring-spun cotton
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would 
like to have custom  shirt made just for you.

Also Available with Patent Poster
Add On in a Gift Tuba. 
Poster Size 12 x 18" (See Poster Size Image)
Gift Wrapped and Mailed in a Sturdy
Reusable Gift Tuba. All Printed in-house on
Heavy Gallery Quality Poster Paper. 

Original Copyrighted Artwork by Viga ©. Music Gifts.
We actually design, draw, illustrate and screen print our Shirt and Pillows.
Fashion, Premium Quality Shirts and Heavy Canvas Pillows with Inserts.

Ready Made Gifts Hand Packaged for Unique Gift Giving Experience.  
Great Quality Material, fitting the Hand Made process. 
You are buying directly from the Artisan. 
Support Creative Ideas hand made by Viga and Victor.

Blend, Ring-spun cotton
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Chess Puzzle

Chess Puzzle Black to Move

Black to move 

The solution

> 1...Na4+ 2.Rxa4 Rxb3+ 3.Kxb3 Rd3# 1-0<

Highlight the line above to view the solution.